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Monday, June 20, 2011

And Here We Are.

"Here I am,
getting nearer to the end
of thoughts, of words,
yet, forever yours
and let this River bear witness."

- And Here We Are (Mekong River, 10032010)

An excerpt of a poem written, while she's sitting at the tip of a boat piercing through the calm surface of Mekong River, sending wild ripples of waves everywhere. As if bounded by a spell casted by the river itself, she continued scribbling on a piece of jagged brown paper, unmoved by the chilling cold of the winds, nor disturbed by the sounds of voices singing "Right Here Waiting For You" on the other side of the boat. She can barely see her own handwriting in the dark, but there's something else illuminating the tip of her pen, guiding the twists and turns of her little fingers - the slow hum of her own heart, sharing secrets with the River... through the black ink embedded within the brown paper.

The same piece of paper was rediscovered by her a year later, folded clumsily between the pages of a book... and everything, everything had changed.

Vague memories, filled with haze and disappearing with time.


fats. said...

:( somehow i think i know what its about. herm. difficult times when phases like this come over.

niffira.nia said...

Well, you know how it feels like. :)

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