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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Green!


Okay Goodmorning. It's 2.10 a.m. now, and I'd LOVE nothing more than to crush my bed and call it a night. But unfortunately, my fingers got itchy and my neural networks seem pretty active to project a brief (hopefully) review of the interesting 'simulation' I received just now - Green Lantern, 11.55 p.m., Hall 10 Seat G-11.

Basically, positive. Green Lantern, you've got a greenlight, or maybe perhaps I'm easy to please when it comes to state-of-the-art visual graphic designs and just plain, good humor. I mean, really, I've got all the presumptions set and ready to receive another superhero movie tonight; silly suits, ridiculous masks, super techie gadgets, ugly crooks, typical ladies ready to be swept off their feet and what-nots.

Haha. GL got that all alright. It fits the bill! But I'm okay with it. As I'd mentioned earlier, graphics and good humor. Enough said. (Well, maybe after watching some superhero movies before, I was being left assuming superheroes are always, always sober and serious and only knows how to fight deadly monsters and make stupid sacrifices) -.-

Ohh, and at least the Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) in the movie didn't leave me with the same impression of the typical helpless (useless), swooning beauty of a leading lady in most superhero movies. She's a jet fighter who successfully runs an airline company, and the one who (finally) instantly recognized the superhero behind his lame, green mask. He-he.

That explains. :)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------End of Review.

See? Now thaaaattt's what I call a crazy raw assessment. I'm absolutely giving a high rating on this one (the movie, not the review) because, well, it exceeds my expectations. It neutralizes the considerably negative presumptions previously set by me, which were based on my personal experiences watching as an audience whose eyes are untrained in the technical, or artistic components of film-making. By acknowledging my limited insight on that, my dissatisfaction on superhero movies is merely due to the storylines I deemed weak and products of recycled items over and over again. Boring. Predictable plots. GL hadn't really been any more unpredictable, but I'm pretty much convinced it'd slightly surpassed that, and it'd been sufficiently satisfactory.

Still, it's no perfection. There are a few things bothering me up till now, but I'll let them pass.

However, the moment I walked out of the cinema, I was amused by the sensibility put forth by the Director in some (SOME!) parts of the movie, those I've always been looking for in the previous superhero movies. I guess, above all, that clouded my judgment on other significant little things building the entire production, which were not exactly flawless.

The point is, it'd amused me, and that amusement felt worthy of the couple of ringgits I've spent watching. I guess, only that matters. The brain's a self-organizing system, remember? Thanks EdB.



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