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Saturday, June 11, 2011

As It Is.


She has never regretted any of it. Only perhaps, at a moment of weakness (a few milliseconds of it), the uninvited feelings of sadness and despair took over. She felt outcasted, diminished..and very much alone. Amazing what milliseconds can offer, huh?

She has never regretted any of it. She never has any real need for anyone, unless if she really loves them. She rather not use anyone to serve as her privileges, or advantages to save her neck from anything; there's no real need for that. She has got nothing to be saved from. Or even if she does, she'll make sure her cards are being played as well. She's not the kind who'll let others fighting for her battle without her drawing her own sword. Unlike some.

She has never regretted any of it. She comes to you to give, not to take. But she doesn't come often.

She has never regretted any of it. She understands that in the course of giving, being selective is a natural part of the process. She'd made her sets of selections. You've made yours. Can you remember the events? The items on the weighing balance. The choices made. Then you should remember the demands she was being persuaded to reconsider, and eventually fulfilled. She'd faced the issues head-on, hadn't she? Clearly she's got more balls than the two combined. Marshmallows.

She has never regretted any of it.
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nuthead said...

i only woken up with this realization just a while ago, but only less elaborated and well-written.salute.

niffira.nia said...

Thanks. I took my time. :)

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