niffira.nia's: Interception.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


She misses you. Only to you she can be a cry baby and just pour her heart out; well after her false pretence identified and broken down by you against her own will.
She'd give anything for a vivid, one-night dream.

Of just one typical sunny, late afternoon Sunday. The clinking sound of metallic chairs bumping into each other.. and the two of us overlooking the trees, both deeply fascinated by rays of sun coming through them. She can feel you beside her, but still.. no one bother to fill in the silence. Silence doesn't bother them. It connects, not severe. She heaves a deep sigh, the corner of her lips tightened and her brows furrowed.. and with not a single glance, there you are, "Hoi. Kenape ni?!"

If in case you're reading this, She happens to love you very much.


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kak syu i presume :)

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