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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Another Day.


I found those who think of Holidays now as nothing but boredom, extremely amusing. I can understand why, though. For almost two years, me and my friends had always found our waking hours filled with stacking assignments, commitments to one programme after another. Now that we're allowed to have one month all to ourselves, before the reality of our last performance sinks in, we simply don't know what to do. The free hours of the day seem riveting.. unfamiliar, unnatural. Ah, sometimes I found myself sitting on the couch holding an overflowed bowl of cereal, staring blankly into space. Haha.

However, how pitiful it is for us if we just let this pass. Or worst, praying and hoping all we can for the hours to leap over. It's quite predictable for us to react that way, really. We've been doing that for years and years. We couldn't wait for high school. We're ticking the days off for being in the senior year. We swore we could DIE waiting for college to roll. And now, we would trade anything to have the result by tomorrow and to leave Malaysia the day after. Wouldn't we?

Look around.
In my case - the unfinished books, the cupboards filled with snacks, the queen-sized bed and plush toys it held, the golden rays of sun every morning and late afternoon.. and my parents, patiently fulfilling (and rationalizing with) every wish their little girl makes.

It's natural for us to be impatient. But remember, everything has its own time and place. Rush on any of it, and you're the one who are going to be missed out. I'm reading three books at once now.. spending some of the days going to cinema and watch three movies in a row - a marathon. Tune in to History Channel. AXN. SWR. SMV. CITRA. Sleep whenever I wish to. Eat. Exercise. Be spoilt. Who cares?

Does it ever occur to you how many things go on behind the closed doors? Every perception, judgment, impression made has its own roots. Deep underneath our consciousness, well-buried.. but it's there. Until we learn how to control it, give it a form of structure, identify and organize it..we will be rather susceptible to rigid principles and a swaying order of life, responsible for many misconceptions we carry throughout our lifetime.
Blink blink.


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