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Sunday, March 25, 2012


It was an unusual 'Asr, and that was a sujood she'd never experienced before. Ingat senang ke nak mengimani setiap patah bacaan Arab dalam solat? She tried, she failed, and she tried again.. and Alhamdulillah she'd been granted another second to live, to not give up in constantly trying. She believes that salah is not the only platform to remember God, to worship Him and to make du'a - from the first whip of consciousness in the morning, till the fading mind at night, every creation in this world is connected to Him. Each passing thought, intention, action and manifestation - is accountable to Him. Knowing, and realizing these things define Salah in her daily routine. It is exclusive, but not the only - exclusive in the sense of having specially allocated time of the day for it, where creation 'meets' the Creator, in person. To cleanse to meet Him, and to bow on Earth only in His presence. Faith manifested.

It was an unusual 'Asr, and that was a sujood she'd never experienced before. With her head firm on the ground, and eyes closed for a millisecond - her Life came running across her mind. All the things she had done in the past, and the faces of whom she loves, came in a flash. Dengan nama Tuhan yang Menciptakan, her heart beats for that moment, just for herself and for the Loves of her life, to be granted with mercy and blessings from Him. Her whole body trembled in prostration, tears came streaming down her face, and she was overwhelmed in complete submission of her fate, and of everyone she loves. It was as if she'd been pressed in a cave too small for her, unable to move a single limb and the only way 'out' is to pledge for His Mercy. She was totally stricken, overwhelmed with fright. She also knew, however, with utter conviction that His Love stretches far beyond any horizon her pitiful mind can ever think of, and His Forgiveness is the only savior. He Knows her inside out, as well as her concern much more thoroughly than she herself does. All she's gotta do is just... ask.

"It will be, on the Day they see it,

as though they had not remained [in the world]

except for an afternoon, or a morning thereof.”


Dengan nama Tuhan Pemberi Rahmat;

berkatilah diriku & insan-insan yg kusayangi di alam ini,

dan kurniakanlah kami sebaik-baik pengakhiran di sana kelak.

Daripada Engkau kami datang, dan kepada Engkau kami kembali.


Norain Ishak said...


sahabiat said...

tiada rasa yang lebih menenangkan. tiada.
tiada waktu yang lebih indah. tiada.
kala kita merasakan. betul betul merasakan.
hati terasa segar. segar dengan suburan cintaNya.
sujud, terasa begitu dalam. hanyut dalam lautan rindu untuk bertemu rabbNya.
fikiran, khusyuk. hanya ingat pada Dia.
terasa bebas. bebas dari perhambaan selain Dia. bebas dari perhambaan pada manusia, bebas dari dunia yang melelahkan.
jasad terasa ringan. dibawa sebaran bayu yang sarat dengan sentuhan kasih Rabb kita.
moga allah selalu bimbing. moga Allah selalu mengurniakan kesabaran pada ain. seha dan semua yang sedang gigih mencari redhaNya..

hati terasa begitu rindu pada sahabatnya yang ini. sahabat yang selalu seha bayangkan wajahnya kala doa rabitah hati dibaca..:)
moga Allah sayang ain lebih lebih lagi.
terasa mahu sekali, bertemu lutut dan berbicara tentang perkara yang sama. jelas dengan matlamat yang utama.

moga Allah izin, bi iznillah..
terus bersatu hati ye? inshaallah
love fillah, -sehasubakerdublinireland-

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