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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Salam 'alayk

Stuffed, yes I'm stuffed - with all things Anatomy. As I'm writing these lines - flashes of color, of routes, of sketches, of mnemonics here and there filled the plain canvas I made up in my mind. I've been switching between tabs rather frequently - Facebook Youtube Twitter Google? Feels like being spun around. Not really finding for anything; just for the sake of running around and having something to do, to look at, or to listen to.. while going through human insides. You can control what you wanna think or do - but in terms of your subconscious side, it's a little bit tricky for me. Behind the veil.. who can really tell? Anyway I've been straightening out a few things these past few weeks.. and whatever outcomes they brought along, they're doing a good job on me. I can finally say I'm okay, totally okay - more okay than I've ever been for months.

I hope no one reads my blog from now on.
I love the idea that it's suspended in the virtual world, but really, I'm better off writing for myself than having the thought of an audience at the back of my mind.


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