niffira.nia's: Happy Wesak Day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Wesak Day.

I am supposed to be on my bed by now, wriggling and tossing myself here and there in my feeble attempts to get rid of the insomnia i had in these past few days. I hate waking up late in the morning, getting dozed off again after subuh prayers. I miss the view of the rising sun and the breeze of fresh early mornings. ok ok, entry pendekkkkkkk je kali ni. seriously.

This late evening, I went for a wedding of a 30-year-old couple, chinese family friends who happened to have survived their relationship since they were THIRTEEN. 17 years! It amuses me really that they'd passed through 17 years of life together and ended up married in a marriage that they themselves had pictured since they're in their early teens. I'm wondering whether the ceremony i'd just witnessed was the ending or merely a beginning of their fairytale. Quite fascinating. Lucky for some to earn such a devotion, both ways.

And yeah, jpa's results are finally here and congrats for those who got it.

eh awak. saye tumpang gembira la yer, tumpang jer. :D

for those yg tak dapat - there's always a reason behind every single thing that happened. time will prove it to you. so cheer up. it's not the end of the world, yet.


.chocolatevanilla. said...

ehhh how about u dear.
u got it jpa scholar??

niffira.nia said...

i applied for mara, not jpa. still waiting! hoho. sgt lambat. :D

.chocolatevanilla. said...

hoo really?
pape pon gudlack tau hiks:P

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