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Sunday, September 13, 2009

holiday II

just felt like posting something. i've had my fair share of rest yesterday, like totally. im not really sure if thats enough or i deserve a little bit more, but im okay. i'll be leaving johore on wednesday, and i just listed down my to-do list, a bunch of workload, a killjoy of ib. sheesh. figured out i have a folio to complete - agama's, on teknik pembelajaran berkesan (?). i mean, really, now that i actually have to start doing it, i found it not much more sensible that stucking my head in a fridge in a midday heat. but no use of complaning now, it's due a week after raya, which im totally undoubtedly in downright assurance will become a burden if it's not settled as soon as possible. i don't like things bugging me. especially things like this - ugh, psychotic. i wish i could have that whatever-i-dont-care-a-shoot-about-homeworks kind of attitude, but naah. alhamdulillah la i have a set of a peaceful mind, hahaha. tadi kan i was thinking nak buat folio tu in english je. i googled a few stuff and they popped here and there, tinggal nak copy paste je. (against my conscience, yes, but nak raya dah ni wehhh, hehe) but i know it must be in malay, so.. i'm not a thing for interpreting things, you know. leceh. so i ended up reading everything, and i typed a few intro on myself.. and voila - 2 pages of my own words. an introduction on language and music. so i decided to do it on my own lah, it's not that hard once you get your brain cells running and jumping and had access to excess sugar time and time again. :D oooh, and btw, been downloading autumn in my heart instrumental ost today, and i loved it. T.T and oooh, i've noticed something lately. i'm in no connection whatsoever with any men, boys, or gays of any kind, except for my dad and my little bro. no texting, no calling, no anything. and the best thing is - i'm not even bothered. hah. the absurdities of it all made me feel almost human. :)


zat said...

the last part.. saaaameee.. aha sory just bored n stalked everyone's blog..

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