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Friday, September 11, 2009


again, I'm home. kmb memang suka cuti-cuti ni. we got 18 days of it this time, cool huh. few days past were quite a jumbo-mumbo one, with the standardised test and all. maths la paling 'manis' sekali, haha.. dah la, spoiler je kalau ingat balik. T.T bio and chem were okay, econ was.. a misery. the theories were all fine, but the rest were just a bunch of absurdities. i believe there'll be one point where i can get things finally right, till then, let's enjoy the fuzziness first. :D and oh, puasa. i miss those times back in langkawi. tapi xpe la, it's not that bad, at least i still got few good friends around. they are the ones who made my day bearable, day by day. thanks babes. i've got no company here in johore, so i guess by the 7th second i finish writing this, i'll start missing you guys like hell la. hehe. and oh, raya. balik sarawak la this year, weeeeeeeee - it'd been, like what, three solid years since the last time we went back. flight's on the 17th, so.. next five days ni nak buat ape pun tak tau lagi. someone told me to use my holiday time wisely, so.. nak ganti tidur time la kejap ek. hehehe


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