niffira.nia's: holiday III

Sunday, September 13, 2009

holiday III

just ate two bowlfuls of selects blueberry morning and dutchlady full cream milk - tsks. how come i've overlooked it these past few years. thanks nabilah, dapat gak hidayah minum susu ni. umur dah 18 dah. haha. tapi goodday tak adeeeeeee! trial and error je tadi tu beli dutch lady, and it was fine, surprisingly. but i caught its swift smell la a little bit :S hehe. and ooh, just finished chattering here and there with sharifah hazirah and nasqilla back in facebook. i've just added nas tau takk, and somehow we've been haha here and elelele there and.. she's fun. mc ha too. so much of doing my so-called folio agama.. hah. it's THREE in the morning. :D


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