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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

holiday IV

i'll be off to nogori later today, and sarawak tomorrow- so here it is, the beginning of the balik kampung journey. Time leaps this time, pheww. I wonder why. Pernah tak ada satu hari ni, korang dapat almost all the things that you ever wished for? Almost.. all. In one single day. Well I had, and just in these past 24 hours. I must've done something good kan somewhere somehow.. I guess. I'd like to put it that way. Alhamdulillah is the only thing I could say. And pasal raya pulak, I'm not expecting much. To be with my family and relatives dah good enough. Tapi, tak jenguk la 'Hamzi' tahun ni. T.T takpela, i know he's resting in peace, and andd I love you, adik. :)

To those of you who actually read this - rejoice in what lies ahead of you, and smile along. Friends, especially, and always treated me like one, I may not say this often but yeah, I love u guys. Takecare and Selamat Hari Raya-lah in advance. Hehe. :)


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