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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ducks, Anyone?


Antidaeophobia - Fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you (fictional, from Gary Larson cartoon).

Source; Phobia Dictionary (

Well, perhaps an information on ducks which is much more significant to the topic I have in mind is that they.. quack. Quaackkkk quack quack quack. To us human, those noisy quackings are nothing more than just, noise. Sore to the ears, a pain in the b---. Because why? We're of different species. We speak of different tongues, of different biological languages, in different frequencies. We simply couldn't make sense of each other.

Confused, confused. Conflicts. Arguments. Confrontations-- eureka!

What if, for a moment there, those differences are lifted. Ducks speak the language of the homo sapiens. Or homo sapiens speak the ducks', whatever. Now we all can understand each other. Language barriers lifted. And then, everyone starts talking at the same time. Eager to get their messages across to the other side. Nobody listens.

Confused, confused. Conflicts. Arguments. Confrontations-- eureka!

The noise finally recedes. Suddenly, in the middle of the crowd... "I am RIGHT, and You are WRONG!"

And whose little voice is that, you may ask?

Nobody's. He listened.

But oh well. Nobody, being a nobody... has such a tendency to fall into either hellhole - right, or wrong.

I doubt any ducks or homo sapiens (or nobodys) would've fancy vocabulary classes.


nuthead said...

analogical paradoxes.awesome.and one i can relate to.

niffira.nia said...

glad u can :)

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