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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Been a While.

Peace be upon you.

Indeed, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been here in this corner of the world for nearly 4 months.. and I've been switching between more than just clothes. Principles, Characters, Books, Acquaintances? Internal or external elements.. I've juggled them all, bit by bit, here and there.. and still not quitting. Not limited to the ones in the kitchen, quite a few experiments had been done, some with a clear-cut and well-justified results.. and some were just, incomprehensible. I've no idea adding two and two together could be exasperating sometimes. Ah well, since when Mathematics (let alone Logic), solves everything?

After a few of my journeys within, and to the outside of my 'parameters', I decided to start writing again from time to time. I wondered what exactly had made me stop. Up until now, one after another treasure boxes of my own thoughts and musings had already went unnoticed, unacknowledged.. left unaddressed in the midst of a boiling cauldron of Everything.

The mundane bit?
Well Hi My name's Ain, 1st Year medical student in Cork, Ireland.. How do you do? Ohh That's Interesting!
Me llamo Ain, me estudianto en Irlanda.. Como estaaaaas!

So yes, here I am, like trillions of others - thrown, or placed, in a phase of the Living Dunya. Struggling to sort things out and finding my ground, I had a few interesting encounters with new people and places. Spain and United Kingdom; two ticks on the World Map drawn across the boundless sea inside my head. My personal 'database' has been rapidly updating its input, which sometimes has successfully moulds the output. Above or below consciousness, with or without deliberations.. well, that's still a mystery waiting to be sorted out.

I sincerely hope, and wish, I know what I'm doing all the time... and why.


fiuzzhafiz said...

Keep on writing.:)

Dovahkiin said...

interestingly enough, how can a simple introduction line be mundane? had too much of it?

niffirania said...

Haha exactly.

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